Susan Hefley's E-Portfolio


"Miss Hefley is enthusiastic about the library and what it offers children.  She loves reading and conveys the same enthusiasm about it.  She works at creating an atmosphere in which students are encouraged to read for both pleasure and knowledge."

-Dolores Bliss, Principal, 2012 Yearly Evaluation

My philosophy about the library environment

I believe that the library should be the heart of the school.  It is not my library, but rather one that belongs to our school community.  I strive to make the library a place where students and teachers want to come each day. I want to make it a a positive learning environment with structure, procedures and policies that allow it to perform like a well oiled machine.  It should be a combination of traditional print materials to lay a foundation, technology to move us forward and special little touches like a shelf elf's house to make it fun.

Every library should be unique to its school including books that kids love and can't wait to read, and materials that are customized to fit teacher and curriculum needs.  It is the place where students can find not only the most popular books that they know they want, but the classics that their parents and teachers recommend and even more yet to be discovered favorites.  It is also where they come to find books about THEM.  Using I create a collective autobiography containing a page for every student.  Forget Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Guinness World Records, THIS will become the most popular book in the library for today and years to come because it is it THEIR book, just like it is their library.